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(Jakarta Globe) Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo is starting to revise Indonesia's counterterrorism law


The Home Affairs Ministry will start the process to revise Indonesia’s anti-terrorism law in a bid to enable authorities to keep a closer eye on suspicious international travel.

“There is going to be a team providing me with suggested changes to the anti-terrorism law,” Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said on Thursday, as quoted by news portal

Tjahjo said the revised law would require more rigorous checks on, among others, any group claiming to head to the Middle East for the minor hajj, also known as umroh in Indonesian.

“One common reason to go there is for the umroh but we can’t forbid anyone from going on pilgrimage,” Tjahjo said. “However, we must be suspicious if the pilgrim is traveling on a one-way ticket. Immigration and police will be able to prevent such people from going.”

Tjahjo also said he would ask the team to discuss the idea of revoking the citizenship of Indonesians who violated the new terms of the law, although he underlined the government’s commitment to the rule of law.

“We will be extra careful in deciding what action we take. They’re still Indonesians and we must defend them. But if they’re proved to have connections with any radical group, we need to investigate it,” the ministry added, as quoted by CNN Indonesia.

Calls from terrorism experts and the country’s counterterrorism agency to revise the current regulations on terrorism have mounted as more Indonesians have made the journey to Syria.


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