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(Jakarta Globe) Six Options, but Only One Is Right for Jokowi about BG debate


For almost one month, problems surrounding Comr. Gen. Budi Gunawan and whether President Joko Widodo will inaugurate him as National Police chief have consumed not only public attention but also the government’s energy and resources.

The political and legal complications arising from Budi’s naming as a graft suspect have damaged Joko’s administration, distracting it from a heavily touted development agenda.

With the local and international community watching the case, Joko’s popularity and credibility have most certainly been impacted.

However, it is now time President Joko takes action to end this brouhaha, as the longer it continues, the worse the situation becomes.

Cabinet Secretary Andi Widjajanto has explained that Joko is “considering the risks” of his potential decisions and also weighing six possible options.

The first is for Budi to resigns his bid; second, Joko goes ahead with inaugurating Budi; third is to inaugurate and then suspend him; fourth is to wait for a legally binding court ruling on Budi’s bribery case; the fifth is to cancel Budi’s nomination and come up with a new nominee; and the last option is to do nothing and see how events play out.

For the sake of the Indonesian public, Joko should cancel the nomination and find a new candidate, because the other options will not help.

Budi will not withdraw himself — as a matter of survival — while inaugurating him will cause a public uproar and even open up the possibility of impeachment. Waiting for a court ruling is useless because even if he cleared, suspicion will remain over his fat bank accounts.

Joko says he will announce his decision next week. We hope he can make the right one.