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(Jakpost) Minister Yuddy: Insurance companies urged to immediately pay claims of QZ8501 victims


Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform Minister Yuddy Chrisnandi said his ministry has asked AirAsia Indonesia to pay the claims of all QZ8501 passengers seven days at the latest after a body of a passenger is identified.

“On behalf of the government, I urge AirAsia to pay the insurance claims of the QZ8501 passengers in line with existing rules and regulations. No more than seven days after the body of a passenger is identified, the insurance claims should be completely paid to the families of the passengers. AirAsia should pay it at once, not in installments,” he said on the sidelines of his meeting with the families of the QZ8501 victims at the Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) post at the East Java Police headquarters in Surabaya on Thursday.

Yuddy said that to help the identification of the victims’ heirs, he had asked the police, together with the population and civil registration offices, to carry out validation of the passengers’ families.

“Such validation needs to be done to avoid mistakes in the insurance claim payments. Moreover, some of the victims were from one family so it is a bit difficult to determine who their heirs are,” he said.

AirAsia Indonesia safety and security director Capt. Ahmad Sadikin said AirAsia was committed to immediately paying the insurance claims as had been requested by the government.

“AirAsia will be responsible and we will pay insurance claims based on Transportation Minister Regulation (Permen) No. 77/2011 on the responsibilities of air transportation providers,” he said.

According to the Permen 77, AirAsia passengers will receive a maximum compensation of Rp 1.25 billion (US$98,386) per passenger.

“To validate their heirs, AirAsia has cooperated with lawyers and notary public so that the insurance claims can be received by those who have the right to the payments,” said Ahmad.

At the moment, AirAsia has paid Rp 300 million to each passenger’s family to help cover their needs during the identification process. The payment is part of the insurance claim of Rp 1.25 billion the families of the QZ8501 passengers will receive.

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