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(Tempo) Despite Fuel Price Hike, Basic Comodity Price Remain Normal


Following the fuel price hike on March 28, 2015, the prices of basic commodities in Yogyakarta province have not been affected yet.

In a number of traditional markets, the prices of commodities such as rice, sugar, and shallot are still normal.

The price of IR64 rice at Bantul Market for example, is still at Rp8,500 to Rp9,000 per kilogram, while the price of Pandan Wangi rice is at Rp11,000 per kilogram.

According to the traders, the prices are lower than the price in last month.

"It is still harvest season so supply of rice is still abundant. The fuel price hike has not brought impacts” said Sri Sunarni, one of the traders.

In the meantime, Head of Yogyakarta Small, Macro and Medium Enterprises, Trade, and Industry Eko Witoyo said that the agency had monitored the price of basic commodities in three traditional markets (Beringharjo market, Kranggan market, and Demangan market) in Yogyakarta after the fuel price hike.

Eko also said that the price of staple food would change in a week following the new transportation tariff after the fuel price hike. He also said that so far, Yogyakarta bought a number of commodities from outside the province so the transportation costs would affect the price of commodities.

"Based on our calculation, if the transportation costs increase, the price of basic commodities will also increase,” he added.